You will have a lot of fun learning the ABC by spotting shapes on the streets that look like letters!


My StreeT ABC

For generations, the alphabet was taught in schools by repetition. Children would memorise the tune and eventually be able to recite it by heart. But this isn’t always good enough. Being active and involved in the process is a must and why not also learn outside of the school?


The Book

Complete your own Street ABC book by finding shapes on the streets that look like the letters of the alphabet.

Take pictures with your camera or smartphone, print them out, and paste them on the blank right-hand pages. To inspire you, we've already done the ones on the left!


SPOTTED letters

To inspire you we’ve searched for, and found, a complete alphabet on the streets of The Netherlands and Brazil. We’re also receiving letters from peope from all over the world and we love to share them with you!